About us

Once electricity was discovered, very quickly it came to be one of the integral parts of human need. The need for timely supply of constant electricity is important to people from all walks of life and in every situation whether at home or at the office.

Prompt, founded in 1997, had one goal, to improve on the issue of voltage fluctuations and load shedding, prominent in India. Their products, such as the inverter, stabilizer and other electronic gadgets paved the way for a lot of homes and businesses to run smoothly.

Since the inception of the Company, one of the main ethos of the company has always been ‘Excellent Customer Service’. They pride themselves in being able to provide quick, free and reliable servicing for all their products within hours of customer inquiries.

For 25+ years, Prompt has been delivering its promise of Customer Service Excellence which has led to the growth now seen by the company across Pune, Mumbai and other metro cities.

The quality of the products and the unmatched service provided has built their customer base to what it is now and makes their customers always come back for more.

Meet the Founder

Mr. Balkrishna Ramchandra Indore

The founder and official inventor at Prompt, he is a dynamic leader with a keen sense of customer needs and desires. Under his patronage, the company grew from an idea in 1997, to a brand in the present time. He has a background in Industrial Electronics and has had over 25 years of experience in the field. He is an avid inventor and responsible for the inventions of most of the products in the company catalogue.

A true entrepreneurial spirit and a big heart, Mr Balkrishna Indore is a name well-known in electronic appliances circles in Pune as well as in the society at large. While a part of him is constantly thinking in terms of new avenues of innovation and value generation, the other stays close to the grass root level to support and resolve customer queries and work on feedback from them.

His motto worked so well that they are known for their customer service and this shaped the renaming of the company from “Acme Electronics Systems” to “Prompt Services”. His customer service motto “If you call once, you shouldn’t need to call again” has become a rally cry among his employees who all foster the same sense of loyalty to the brand and their customers.

Today, with a workforce of 25+ employees, 1500+ Sq. Ft. of factory space and with operations spanning across multiple cities, Prompt as a company now generates a net profit of over 10 crores per year. This is all thanks to the leadership, innovation and dedication of Mr Indore.

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